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SETUPxNSvP: future scenarios for AI and the job market

Mon 4 Nov

10:00 - 17:00

Tue 5 Nov

10:00 - 17:00

Wed 6 Nov

10:00 - 17:00

VENUE: Naturalis

SETUP x NSVP: future scenarios for AI and the job market

Algorithms that assess application letters. Voice assistants who take over the job interview. Predicting the perfect candidate for a vacancy. The possibilities of AI for recruitment and selection of employees seem endless. What does the future of this development look like? And how does AI facilitate - or frustrate - diversity in the labor market? Eight selected makers worked on this theme in four teams. From programmer to writer of historical novels, and from costume designer to cultural anthropologist.

With installations, performances and other works they make the social consequences of AI in the HR sector tangible. Because reading about it is one thing, but the consequences can only be felt if you yourself undergo an algorithmic interview. Would you still be hired for your own job if you had to apply with these systems?

Cranky | Front404 & Ewoud Kieft

Interactive installation Cranky takes the visitor to a future world, where almost all jobs have been taken over by robots and artificial intelligence. Is there still work that people can do better than programmable and self-learning machines? Cranky invites visitors to put this to the test, and, in a playful way, sketches what an application process might look like in the future. How can humans and robots work together in harmony?

For Cranky, Bas van Oerle and Thomas for 't Hekke from Front404 joined forces with writer Ewoud Kieft. Their work is a reaction to the predictions of the World Economic Forum that by 2025 more than half of all work will be done by machines. Perhaps no reason to panic, but time for an alert and thoughtful response.

Ghost Worker in the Machine | Ruben van de Ven & Merijn van Moll

Nowadays, we are not only increasingly delegating and automating tasks and processes, there also new forms of work that are being created for people. With the emergence of services such as Amazon's Mechanical Turk, specific parts of automatic processes are being outsourced to human workers. These Human Intelligence Tasks are tasks that a machine cannot execute, for example retyping a scanned receipt or entering a Captcha code. In this way machines selectively delegate tasks to humans, creating a human working class that remains largely invisible.

Merijn van Moll and Ruben van de Ven want to make this feedback loop between man and machine visible. This creates a new ritual in which the spirit of the worker is invoked again and again.

Algje | Tessel Brühl & Nicky Liebregts

How do you want to be seen? That is the question that concerns Algje the Algorithm. Clumsy and without sensory perception, this life-size mascot roams the city center. In conversation with people on the street, Algje learns which things people would like to show of themselves, in order to find and recognize others.

Current algorithms are blinded by old-fashioned personal traits, by dated data sets or unilateral programmers. With Algje, Tessel Brühl and Nicky Liebregts are working on a self-learning, growing and inclusive algorithm. They involve people on the street in the discussion about the use of algorithms.

Selection Automat | Vincent Hoenderop, Joost Helberg & Jeroen de Vos

Selecting the right candidate for a job takes a lot of time, energy and attention. Fortunately, manual selection belongs to the past with the Selection Automat: the AI-powered recruiterbot that selects candidates for your company in an efficient, transparent and honest way. The Selection Automat combines state-of-the-art algorithms with renowned recruitment assessment standards* to only recruit the best candidates for your organization. Try it yourself!

Selection Automat questions automation in recruitment, and is a project by maker Vincent Hoenderop, coder Joost Helberg & researcher Jeroen de Vos.

05–11 November 2018